An ancient Philosopher was presented with a problem by a farmer of how to divide a piece of land equally between four sons.

Son And daughters land
Son And daughters land

The land was described as having four equal sides with one quarter of it to remain for his daughter.


The solution is shown as a series of L shape properties, with the daughter’s land shown.

PR-frame 2015-02-17
PR-frame 2015-02-17

What solution an architect’s office provides is also similar. An approach to design a project as a solution. The client, the site, consultants and contractor create a project situation, which provides a framework for a design solution.
The Northern California Work Studio project required a minimalist solution with very specific detail.

Land_altForm 2015-02-17
Land_altForm 2015-02-17

The image above shows an alternative problem and could also be a more complex shape.
The more complex shape has a similar solution, but would have been more difficult to solve if the simplier solution were not provided for as a guide.

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